Call for papers – Global Histories: A Student Journal

Global Histories: A Student Journal is happy to release a call for papers for our next edition.

The success of the Global History Student Conference 2016 in Berlin will act as a central focal point for this issue, showcasing how Global History is conceptualized and practiced in differing political and socio-economic environments around the world. We especially encourage the submission of historical or interdisciplinary work in relation to Global History with a particular focus on the following themes.

• Decentralizing the Cold War
• Global History before 1750
• Methodology and Marginalization
• Global Urban History
• Gender, Body, and Power
• Transnational Ideologies and Networks
• Memory Studies
• Religion
• Postcolonial Studies
• Visual Representations and Art History

Please register on our website to submit your work

The final deadline is January 15, 2017.

If you have any questions about the topics or article submissions, please send us an email at before the deadline.

Participants at the Global History Student Conference 2016, Berlin


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