Date: Friday 25th May 2018 

Application Deadline: 15th April 2018

Location: Pembroke College, University of Oxford

Practitioners of global history have embraced a myriad of approaches in both scale and topic to their study of the past. For some, global history entails writing history with a planetary reach. Others probe the nature and strength of economic, social, cultural or ecological integration across time and space, using comparison and assessing divergence. For others, global history is an approach that aims to deliberately challenge and break from Eurocentric approaches to studies of the past.

Debate over the prospects and practice of global history is often conducted by established academics. Instead, this one-day workshop asks the question: how do graduate students practice global history?

The aim of the workshop is to explore how graduate students approach their current projects in global history and the prospects they envision for the field going forward.

To apply to take part in our one-day workshop, please send a 300 word abstract to by Sunday 15th April 2018, briefly detailing your research topic and noting a question you would like to see addressed at the workshop. The event will be held at Pembroke College, University of Oxford on the 25th of May 2018. We welcome applications from graduate students in any field who take inspiration from global historical approaches, and apply them to their own research.

Notification of selected submissions will be made by Friday April 20th. Selected papers must be sent to one week prior to the conference, for pre-circulation amongst attendees, to allow for deep engagement with each other’s work. Participants will deliver a fifteen-minute paper, followed by Q&A, which will be guided by the questions submitted by applicants.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day. We are offering a small number of grants to support applicants’ travel expenses. If you wish to be considered for a grant, please include this in your application, providing details of where you will be travelling from and an estimate of costs. We unfortunately cannot guarantee support for all attendees.

The Convenors of the Transnational & Global History Seminar (TGHS)

Gregory Hynes, Riccardo Liberatore, Harriet Mercer & Sean Phillips

For more details feel free to email the team at

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