Welcome to the Global History Blog!

The Global History Student Blog produces video, audio and text content which address a variety of historical dimensions viewed as crucial to shaping Global History.

Initially conceived in 2015 as a result of student organisation in Berlin of the first annual Global History Student Conference and the Global Histories: A Student Journal, the blog seeks to move beyond the boundaries of these projects in order to offer short-form pieces, as either stand alone work or as part of on going series, commenting on innovative developments pertaining to Global History. This will include offering reviews on new and relevant books and events, as well as interviews, lectures and panel shows via videos and podcasts.

In this way this blog aims to provide a useful tool for students of Global History to gain both information about relevant recent books, debates, questions, individuals, projects, and events; and to create an entry point for students to directly contribute to conversations surrounding these topics. The blog is therefore conceived as a platform for students of Global History to interact both with each other and with information relevant to the field. The reasoning behind this particular project as with its affiliated sister projects is first and foremost to demonstrate the strength and value of student work, and to highlight the potential of student driven initiatives. In particular the Global History Student Blog aims to highlight these virtues in innovative new formats. Furthermore and in line with this aspiration the blog seeks to create an online space for students of Global History to discuss, submit and develop ideas, in an environment which will encourage communication between all participants regardless of their educational background and affiliation. Additionally the blog aims to incorporate digital media, such as audio-visual material, in order to demonstrate alternative pedagogic approaches and promote broader engagement with historical discussions and create a network of young scholars, who will be able to communicate and interact using the blog.